Terry Tracy

1143 Alta Ave.

Napa, CA 94559



Other Residential projects

Bella Oaks Vineyard Cottage

This project, surrounded by vineyards, had a 1960s block house that wasn’t big enough to handle the family gatherings.  I designed a guest cottage for the kids and grand-kids to stay in when they came to Napa for the weekend.  We dealt with all the regulations prolific in Napa County and worked the new cottage into a jig-saw puzzle between the existing house, 3 existing wells, a new septic system, and a new fire water storage system.  The cottage, although smaller than the 1000 square foot allowed by the county of Napa, will sleep 8 guests with room for 2 baths and a small living area

Valley Vineyard Residence

The owners of this home built in the 1960s asked Terry to remodel their master bedroom, master bath, kitchen, and dining room.  The master bedroom expanded into the existing bath and a new bath wing was added on with a tub overlooking the vineyards.  A new dining nook is being added this fall so the kitchen can expand and a bar be added. 

bedroom bathroom vineyard view

Alta Heights Garage Remodel

This Alta Heights home had a substandard garage dug out beneath an existing house, but without a proper foundation.  The driveway was sloped such that the garage was unusable and the house was unstable.  I used steel joists to strengthen the existing wood floor and engineered a steel beam that supported a cantilevered bay window without loosing headroom in the garage.

Sciandri Addition / Remodel

This beautiful site overlooking Skyline Park and a small lake had small tract home.  As the project architect at Valley Architects, I designed a “great room” at the end of the existing house for living, dining, and cooking.  We turned the narrow hall into a clerestory lit gallery and added a wrap-around porch for summer living.  It is now the headquarters for their small winery.


Sciandri Residence Sciandri Interior

Stuckey Residence

This project came about when the owner had a competition to design a home on a unique L-shaped lot.  My design won the owner’s praises and I completed the engineering and construction drawings for this uniquely shaped house that was built with a very tight budget.


Stuckey Residence Stuckey Interior

Stipanovich House

I was project architect for this modern retreat nestled in the pines in Cambria.  It has a very open plan with a wall of windows on the south side for passive solar heating and enjoying views of the Pacific Ocean.


Stipanovich Residence Sciandri Kitchen Sciandri Stairs Stipanovich Living Room Stipanovich Residence