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Terry Tracy

1143 Alta Ave.

Napa, CA 94559



Thanks for your outstanding work and creative flexibility in designing our project. 

"Your efforts and professional reputation was instrumental in getting our project off to a good start.  I can't imagine doing any of this on our own.  Your contribution to our success is well worth the price of admission.  Thanks again, we will use you when next we tackle a project and will definitely refer your to our friends thoughout the valley."

-James & Dale, Clients

Terry, you are awesome.

"It's so amazing how much you did for me and how quickly you did it.  I was almost shocked that they (building department) approved (plans) pretty much intact.  Can't thank you enough for making it happen.  You are great at your craft and a great person."

-Thank you, Tom, Client and Contractor

Thank you for all of your work!  We love the plans.

-Frankin and Gina

Terry brought a unique combination of skills and experience to our project.

"As both an architect and a structural engineer, the skills and experience that Terry brought to our project made him one of the most effective members of our team. In addition to architectural and structural consulting, Terry contributed important creative advice about interior design elements and aesthetic considerations. He also played a key role in working with our general contractor and our landscape architect to create important exterior features that transformed our property from an under-utilized piece of acreage to estate-quality grounds. His ability to contribute in all these areas aided greatly in communication, saved time and resulted in cost savings. The role that Terry played in our project is one of the key factors in the success that we achieved."

-Terri, Coombsville Residence

Working with Terry gave us flexibility as the scope of our project changed.

"Because we were undertaking a large-scale renovation spanning nearly three years, the scope of our project evolved significantly over time. We greatly appreciated Terry's flexibility in responding to these changing needs. There were times when we needed only occasional architectural or structural consulting, but there were also times when significant challenges arose. Terry was always quick to respond to the often unpredictable nature of our project. He consistently offered innovative and cost-effective solutions."

-Terri, Coombsville Residence

Terry took my 1950’s, little-chopped-up-rooms, 2-bedroom, 1-bath house and re-imagined it into a wonderful 2 bedroom, 2 bath, open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen beauty.  And I also got a walk-in closet and a laundry room and only added 7 square feet! 

-Judie, Napa Residence Remodel

Terry guided us through important decisions when we were away from the job site.

"As homeowners who lived on the opposite side of the country, it was important to have professionals on our team who could convey reliable information to us effectively and who could help us make critical decisions from afar. Terry was able to communicate complex problems to us succinctly. He helped us make decisions in a timely way without having to travel thousands of miles to the job site. We quickly developed a high level of trust in Terry's recommendations. When finished, our residence exceeded our expectations and Terry's contributions played a major role in our success."

-Terri, Coombsville Residence

Whether Terry is the lead architect or a consultant in structural engineering situations, he never fails to quickly determine the needs of the project.

"I have worked with Terry Tracy on numerous residential projects over the past 15 years. His ability to combine architectural and engineering skills has made completing construction projects simple and straightforward. He has the ability to listen, come up with a design or solution to construction challenges with a willingness to hear to alternative ideas and build a consensus as to the best and most efficient method to proceed. This strength is essential in remodeling projects that require flexibility and an ability to design according the needs of the owner, contractor and building code requirements. Whether he is the lead architect or a consultant in structural engineering situations, he never fails to quickly determine the needs of the project and provide a variety of solutions from which to choose. He makes himself available by phone, email or on site consultations and produces drawings or documents in a timely manner that prevents delays to the schedule. His estimates for service are reasonable and clear from the outset of the project. The client knows exactly what he will provide and what the cost will be preventing costly misunderstandings. Whether the project is a new home, restoration or remodel, sleek modern style or craftsman, Terry has had the ability to create a structure that embodies the dream of the owner and provide the guidance accomplish that dream."

- Dave Dunlap, Contractor

Terry worked with us from our original concept through the completion of the entire project. His advice and expertise were invaluable. We would highly recommend him.

- Bill & Bob, Sunset View Ranch - Residential Project.


Mike (contractor) is back working on the deck last week from being away for awhile. He was so happy last week and he said it was because he really enjoyed creating what you have drawn. He really admires your work. Just thought you might enjoy knowing that.

- Kerry, Client